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Commercial Contracts

Commercial contracts are legally binding agreements between parties, which specify terms and obligations governing the contractual arrangement. These contracts can be written, verbal, or implied formally or informally.At FOSTERS, our legal team focuses on understanding the needs of our clients, to ensure that their interests are protected under contractual arrangements. Our attorneys are highly experienced in negotiating and drafting contractual documents, as well as resolving contractual disputes through non-contentious means, and employing contentious measures where it is deemed necessary.

Banking Law & Finance Law

Our Firm represents leading commercial banks and other lenders, as well as debtors in banking and finance transactions. Our services include advising lending institutions and debtors in all aspects of finance, including debt and equity funding. We assist our clients with all aspects of structuring the deal, negotiations, documentation, and other issues to close the transactions related to simple and complex projects. In addition, we provide guidance on operational, regulatory and compliance issues.

Insolvency and Restructuring

We have experience in handling all legal matters related to distressed businesses that are either going into liquidation, or undergoing re-organization. Our Firm provides assistance on both contentious and non-contentious matters to a broad range of clients, which include corporate debtors, investors, asset purchasers, secured and unsecured creditors and company directors and shareholders.

Taxation Law

Our Firm has experience in handling both contentious and non-contentious matters related to our domestic and sub-regional tax laws.  We offer advice to corporate and non-corporate clients regarding their rights and obligations relating to taxes on income and capital gains, property tax, value added tax, stamp duties, customs and excise duties, and other forms of taxation.  We also offer tax guidance on company re-organizations, transfers between inter-connected companies, tax incentive legislation and double taxation treaties. On the contentious side, we handle disputes with public authorities in the form of litigation, appeals and tribunals.

Intellectual Property Law

We offer all services related to the registration of trademarks and patents in Saint Lucia, including handling copyright claims and providing advice to our clients on protecting and exploiting their intellectual property assets.

Insurance Law

Our Firm handles both contentious and non-contentious insurance matters. Our clients include insurance companies and the insured, and we undertake third-party claims, covering claims litigation and negligence matters.

Trade Law & Competition

Among other things, our attorneys provide clients with advise related to regulations, licensing and standards requirements that govern trade activities within the Caricom Single Market and Economy, and the Eastern Caribbean region.

Privatization & Public/Private Partnership Arrangements

Our attorneys have a deep understanding of public sector operations, and are therefore well equipped to assist in creating innovative partnership vehicles and partnership agreements between the Government and the private sector.  We also have experience in dealing with contentious matters related to partnership agreements.

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