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Rick Wayne, OBE Publisher and Editor in Chief, St. Lucia Star Newspaper

Peter Foster does not scare easily. That was my initial impression of him seemingly countless years ago, when he had barely gotten his practice underway and I was in desperate need of a lawyer to defend me in a libel suit brought by the nation’s most powerful, most feared complainant: the day’s government. Peter was not my first choice. Before reaching out to him I had sought assistance from the island’s more prominent legal eagles, all of whom, with excuses most inventive,  had turned me down. Of course, they were never  too busy to stand on the side of the big battalions. They soon learned, as I had, that the relative neophyte Peter Foster combined the fortitude of Goliath and the courage of David—not to say his focused astuteness. We won our case, and several others over the years brought by some who would deny me my newspaperman’s right to bring the truth to light. The precedent-setting Peter Foster and the FOSTERS team have successfully represented the STAR for close to 30 years, I’m happy to say, and not once have I had cause to reconsider my original assessment of talents!

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